Do You know what’s a Persona?

construção da persona


Working with the creation of personas is fundamental to the success of your marketing strategy.

But do you really know what such a persona means?

Persona is the creation of consumer profiles, it helps your company to understand in a deeper way who your customers really are and what their needs and desires are.

But let's not confuse persona with target audience !!!! It is much more than that !!

The target audience is related to a pattern of consumers that you want to target, however, the persona narrows that pattern and gives you deeper insights from that audience.

For the creation of the persona, we have to rely on building real and complex customer data, from demographic data on behavior, life and purchase stories, challenges, dreams and concerns.

Therefore, a persona is not a character or an imaginary customer, but the representation of the customer who buys and makes use of your product / service.

For its creation, we use qualitative, quantitative and ethnographic research techniques to identify behavioral patterns, and a representation of these clients can be conceived.

Why create a persona?

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The creation of personas aims to convey the correct message of what your company wants to communicate to that segment of consumers.

This way there will be a significant increase in the chances of a successful outcome.

So when we define persona, we know exactly who we are going to sell or communicate to and what the content type and approach will be for that person profile.

Questions that can help define a persona.

Now that we understand what a persona is and why it is created, we need to know how to get the information to be able to define it.

The first step is to interview clients and prospects of your company, because this is how you will get a better opportunity to understand and understand the behavior patterns of your audience.

The more complete the information collected, the more detailed your personas will be.

But do you know the fundamental questions for success when interviewing?

Start with the personal questions (What is your age?, how many members does the family have?, what is the marital status?, Do you have a children?, etc.)

1.  Ask about the studies (What is the degree of education?, where did you study?, what is your favorite subject?, where did you go to college?, do you want to do some specialization?, where?

2.  On the professional side. (Where do you work?, what is your position?, what is the routine at work?, what is the segment of your company?, what is the size of the company?, what are your main objectives?, etc.)

3.  About your challenges (What are the biggest challenges you face in your work? What are the biggest problems you face in achieving your goals? How do you learn new skills and information for your job?

4.  About your shopping habits (Where do you usually do most of your shopping? (Physical / online store), how often do you shop online? Do you usually conduct research prior to shopping?

With these questions we will be able to extract from the interviewees more than information, we will understand its essence. Soon we will also understand the importance of buying for the customer.

This way you end the process and have enough data on potential buyers to build the persona.

And the conversion into sales for your prospective customers is related to the interpretation of this information, making your company fulfill and fulfill their desires and needs.

 How to build the persona?

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The creation of the persona is the foundation for the digital marketing of your company, we must seek all possible data for its construction.

Understand, when we create the persona, we give life to a character, but despite being fictitious, it is he who will help you set standards and direct your strategy to the right people.

So in their elaboration we must be very careful with the data, they need to be consistent and true, no assumptions, because in this way, there will be a greater possibility of you being able to succeed with your actions.

Some characteristics that should be used to define personas:

  • Name of persona (fictício)
  • Sexo
  • Age
  • Position / Occupation / Branch of activity
  • Level of schooling
  • Means of communication used
  • Goals of the persona
  • Challenges of the persona

Let us understand better? Below we create a person model.

José Ricardo tem 32 anos, é engenheiro civil e trabalha na 1234 Engenharia. Pensa em se desenvolver profissionalmente através de um mestrado fora do país, pois gosta de viajar e quer ter fluência em outro idioma, é solteiro e sempre pensou em fazer um intercâmbio. Está buscando uma agência que o ajude a encontrar universidades na Europa que aceitem alunos estrangeiros. 

The more details about the life of your ideal character, the better, this way, you will be able to understand, know and know the patterns and buying habits of your client.


Having a well-defined persona, helps in defining the best strategies for the successful growth of your company, as well as being an excellent tool to help in the production of content and the construction of the sales funnel.

Realize testes!

It is critical to prepare to solidify your strategy, keep in mind who you want to attract as a customer and build an ideal human character so that it can be rebuilt in reality as a potential consumer of your business.

Practice leads to perfection, so create, imagine and use what you have discovered and perfect so you can turn it into a true and profitable business for your company.

Remember to always keep your focus on the main characteristics of the people as it is what really matters to your business.

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