CRM and its functionalities

crm e suas funcionalidades

You've probably heard of the term CRM, but do you really know what it is and what it is for?

CRM is a strategy or business technique that manages the relationships between a company and its current and future customers.

It enables the best customer service, thus anticipating their needs and desires for the sake of satisfaction. In addition to the conceptual framework, CRM articulates different technologies to coordinate sales, marketing strategies, customer service and technical support.

Companies use CRM to optimize relationships, profitability, increase sales, and get the assertiveness of their campaigns to attract new customers.

Consumers are an inexhaustible source of information that enables a company to grow, determine what to sell, how to sell, when to sell and where to sell.

It is through the analysis of the purchasing profile or consumer behavior that the company can identify the business opportunities.

The CRM was developed to manage the relationship with customers in a customized way, recognizing patterns, behaviors, preferences and other information capable of assisting in the creation of strategies aimed at serving consumers in a personalized way.

How to capture this information?

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Having a system that organizes consumer data and contacts does not mean that the company is managing CRM, it is necessary to know how to use this tool.

For this to occur, the relationship with the customer must be monitored as a whole, the company must be careful when analyzing the decision moments of buying a prospect, whether in physical or virtual store.

Examine all customer searches and inquiries so that you can define the famous sales funnel, capturing your preferences and what future actions to use.

Understand the right time to make calls to customers, do not call them without reason, customers like to feel important, but they do not like to waste time or be bothered without good reason.

Understanding how to manage the sending of marketing emails is indispensable, try to customize them according to each client's purchasing profile, this will optimize the time and contribute to a positive return for your company.

Create strategies with the data provided, depending on the software used by the company, it will be able to store contact lists made by date, financial history of each customer, possible issues with the company, items and quantities that he usually buys, prices and discounts practiced, among others.

It should not be forgotten that information records should be standardized, regardless of the form of contact, either by email, social media or telephone contacts, since each information collected will integrate the database and registry of each client, being available the export Of a managerial report on many softwares with detailed information.

The system can also be divided into two types: Interaction e acquisition.

Interaction Systems

Businessman drawing a circle around people icons - Marketing and consumer target groups concept


This system has the objective of interacting with the customer, is in charge of the business strategies of relationship with the public, to know their habits, personalize customer service, create loyalty, publicize the brand and know the direction of the campaigns.

Among the interaction systems we can highlight theCall Center (Call center) , PDV’S (Points of sale or cash front system) , and the SFA – Sales Force Automation (Força de vendas).

It is through this system that companies will evaluate the effectiveness of each sales action and will classify and measure affected regions to manage new business opportunities.

Sistemas de Aquisição

Computador com dados gerenciais


They are the tools for analyzing the system itself, they are reports generated through the capture of information through interaction with the customer.

These reports are able to segment your consumer, record deals, access customer history, verify customer satisfaction, product and brand satisfaction, as well as support team efficiency.

By analyzing the reports with all the items described, it will be possible to define new strategies and approaches for customer maintenance.


We know that customer relationship is the key to a successful business, yet we see many companies entering the market without concern for their consumers, becoming just one more on the market, working with methods, frozen media, and Retrograde to sell and serve in any way or obsolete way.

It's time to reflect the way you care and make a difference, be the market transformation, so your business will thrive.

Does your business want to thrive? So please your customer.


CRM does not make a difference alone, but how you manage your relationship and the actions you take will determine the results.

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