5 Reasons to your company has a website

Razoes para sua empresa ter um site

You who have opened a new business or who have been in the market for a long time must understand that the internet is no longer optional and has become the rule for anyone who wants to be profitable and be known and it is common to wonder about the need for a website for your company.

OTechnological breakthroughs and market changes have made companies seek to be noticed and use the internet to consolidate their business with digital marketing strategies.

A website brings customers and partners together and is a window into your company's marketing, so it's essential to always be open to new experiences.

But do you know what a website is and what its functionality?

We can define the site as a content made available through a page or a set of pages accessible through the internet.

A website is like a book and when you open it you will find all its content. When it is active, it will present all its essence, with its well-distributed and harmonious items for a good interpretation of the image of your company.

Now, we need to give you some technical details, it may seem complicated, but we'll help you understand!

We access the site through your internet address or domain, for your better understanding we will take as an example the Google website.

To access any content and websites, we must enter your address (www.google.com.br), This way you will be able to perform queries and perform your searches.

It's easy and practical!

In order to obtain a website, it is necessary to make a hosting on a server.

Calm! You will understand!

Servers are powerful computers capable of storing and transmitting a large amount of information, always staying connected.

They are responsible for leaving your online business connected for 24 hours getting available for access at any time.


1. Your company 24 hours in the air.

Online Shopping - Business to Consumer

Servers are always connected and this is one of the great advantages for your company.

Imagine that a person is in doubt about where to find a particular product, it is late, outside of business hours and is looking for the item on the internet.

When the customer does a search, there will appear several results of companies that have the product / service in question and if your company has a good website, surely the probability of satisfying that customer will be great.

In another situation, imagine if a person who knows your company but also is past business hours or the person does not have time to run in his physical store and she will conduct a search for your company.

If you have a website, you will attract your customer! And he can get the key information at that time.


2. Easier to find

Video sharing concept - Uploading videos to the Internet - Shadowed

Being found and seen is one of the main benefits of having a website.

Nowadays customers are more careful when making a purchase and due to the great competition of the market, the consumer began to research about the companies and about the products / services offered to start the buying process.

Price and company searches start through the websites, it is for them that customers search for credibility and quality.

If you have a good website, you can delight your consumer and respond to most inquiries and can be a deciding factor at the time of purchase.

A well-established website also offers you a tool to communicate online with the consumer, which allows for closer interaction and relationship with them.

When we conduct a search for companies on a search site, such as Google, for example, it provides us with detailed information about your company, such as the type and segment it belongs to, the address, contact numbers, service hours, How to get there, and more.

We live in a connected world, where information is in the palm of your hand.

It may happen that your customer's first contact is through your website and why not use it as your business card?

We know that first contact can earn you many points!


3. First impression is the one that stays

E-mail marketing concept - Spread the word to get clients

We take about 30 seconds to analyze or form an impression about something or someone, so it's critical that the customer's first contact with your site is perfect.

We can create this great first impression, through good design, easy navigation, responsiveness (which fits all mobile devices), interaction with customers, and more.

PHowever, if your company wants to become computerized, it needs to have a website that catches the eye, responds to customer questions, and makes them choose you and your company to relate to.


4. Credibility

Business and Financial Research Reports and Statistics - Concept

A well structured and designed website, shows your customers that your company has a positioned image, demonstrates professionalism and organization with what it presents and still establishes credibility and market acceptance.

Having a website means that your company is connected and available to the market, leading to building a relationship with your customers and understanding new consumer behavioral patterns.

The credibility is about building a trust relationship between company and customer, so your website can help propagate the image you want to convey to the digital medium.

Moreover, a well-crafted website can help you and your business get where they want to, but for that, the work must be truthful and committed to what is presented.     



dinamismo dos sites

Your website should be useful and functional, not just be pleasing to the eye, it has to have content.

Do not forget that from the moment you create a space where you can relate to the customer, you should be ready to hear a return, even if it is not expected, but the wonder of being in the cyber space is to be able to improve And learn new things.

Leave space for your audience to evaluate it, it's free and it gives you good feedbacks.

Achieving added value to your brand takes time and effort and the internet has come to help shorten paths.

Through your company website, you can approach your target audience and strengthen relationships, strengthening your brand.

Speaking of dynamism, how do you feel about connecting with your customers by offering materials and tips that appeal to your audience?

In addition to offering a product / service that helps those who are interested in you, create unique content or encourage your client, you will be creating a closeness and a relationship of trust.

But remember that content must have relevance, this is the true sense of dynamism, as you will present in content form your interest in your audience. Make him trust you.

Provide a field for the client to subscribe to the Feed of your blog to receive warnings when new posts are posted.

If you have noticed that customers are signing up voluntarily, it is likely that they are interested in your products and it is a great business opportunity.

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